Monday, October 8, 2018

Happy Autumn

Happy Autumn! :D
SO many awesome, wonderful, glorious, exciting things happening here in KGJazz land & I’m super excited to tell you about everything, but I know everyone mostly likes SHORT, so I’ll do my best. LOL

First off – have you seen the new video for the new song “Western Sun”? If not, pop over to[0]=68.ARAsvaYKQKS8-H3kkIb8kCTjgMNa0boGJcvWFj3-87S0_6CI8waT7pVKJWiSI3mGeNSxDAM7DK5RuOPFcIF11AJxPSHnkjjxO24y7gXzdauG6Jdzi_liYpZaaIMhrhY1zi20HaE--eCF6k7fZ7mz_N1P9z74GY9hheXFBHkFoK95DF1gHe9485o&__tn__=FC-R 
This is a tune that I wrote in answer to Drew Davidsen’s “East Moon”. (

I’m super excited to have this new video up and running and would love, LOVE for you to share it to the four corners if you love it as much as I do.
I’m continuing to create new music and will be introducing more new videos so keep your eyes peeled!
Second: SUPER excited and beyond honored to be a part of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra’s 2018/2019 season!!!!! 
My first instrument was violin (I still play a bit) and I grew up an Orchestra geek so I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to be asked to sing with the Orchestra for the upcoming season.
I will be part of the LOVE NOTES concert Feb 9 at 7p / Feb 10 at 3p.
Tickets are available at:
I hope you’ll join me for my inaugural Orchestra performance! 

Third, and really, really cool: I have been nominated for this year’s Maryland Music Awards for Best Jazz Artist 2018! The nominees are all amazing artists and I am beyond honored to be included. 
The award ceremony is Dec 15 at 8pm at Ram’s Head Annapolis.
Alas, I am already booked for a private party that night, but anyone who would like to go on my behalf, please let me know!
Tickets are available at:

And FINALLY – the annual FAN CLUB CHRISTMAS party is on the calendar and invitations will be going out via Patreon tomorrow. If you are NOT already a FAN CLUB member, (remember, we switched our platform to Patreon) pop over to to be included and get the fresh, new music as it comes out of the creative oven! 

Ok… that’s it for now. I think.
Much love & big, red kisses to you!!!!
I’ll see you at the next show!


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