Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Mother's / Birth DAY!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful, amazing talented, overworked, and exhausted Mama’s!   I applaud ALL of you – those who have your own and those who are “Mom” to the those God brought to you!

Little Kerensa Gray fact:   I was born on Mother’s Day ( 45 and FABulous!!) and THIS year Mom and I share our day – SO I wanted to share the love with you too!  From 12a-12a, TAKE ME IN & BLISS will be available for download for only $4.50 (normally $10).  Pop over to to grab a copy for you or to share with friends & family! 

And a final, quick note – Thanks for your continued love and support!  45 is feeling great because I am surrounded by THE most amazing people on the planet!!! 

Many kisses! - Kerensa

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